Interesting Stat on RAW’s Main Events, What Happened After Last Night’s Tapings

– Tom Robson sent the following interesting stat:



I did a bit of digging around this morning and came up with this terrifying piece of information. In the last five years (starting with the first PPV after SummerSlam 2004, when Orton won the belt for the first time), some combination of Randy Orton, John Cena, and Triple H have wrestled against each other TWENTY-FOUR TIMES. That includes singles, tag, and multi-man matches, but not Royal Rumbles.

That means Cena-Orton at SummerSlam will be the 25th match in the last five years featuring some combo of these three against each other.

– Thanks to Andrew Daughtry for these notes from what happened after last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings:

* Jeff Hardy defeated C.M. Punk in a cage match to retain the World Hvt. Championship. Funny moment came when they were building the cage and Punk reprimanded the ring crew telling them to hurry and build his cage as he didn’t have all night. It was a quick match that saw Jeff kick out of the Go2Sleep and pin Punk after another Swanton (The third of the night). The only complaint I really have is on a night with three Tag Team matches in a row I only saw Chris Jericho in a suit talking for a few minutes.

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