Internal Picks on NXT 2, WWE’s Latest Chris Benoit Edit, More

– Seeing as Chris Benoit took part in the Elimination Chamber Match that took place at the 2005 New Year’s Revolution pay-per-view, he is featured in WWE’s newly released DVD set highlighting the Elimination Chamber, Satan’s Prison: The Anthology of the Elimination Chamber. While he’s shown in the match – the first marketed of him by WWE since his 2007 double murder and suicide – anything remotely complimentary said by the announcers regarding Benoit was edited off the DVD.



– Many within WWE are predicting Michael McGillicutty or Alex Riley to win NXT Season Two. Meanwhile, it’s said that Husky Harris has unanimously impressed “everyone.”

– No RAW guest hosts are expected to be scheduled until after SummerSlam. Child star Bobb’e J. Thompson — who stars alongside Big Show in the upcoming WWE Studios film Knucklehead — and country music artist Toby Keith have been booked to host episodes of RAW in October.


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