Is Brock Lesnar Gone From WWE After Sale?

Brock Lesnar defeated Omos in a five-minute bout to kick off WrestleMania Sunday. The Beast Incarnate allegedly disliked WWE’s original plan to book him against Bray Wyatt at The Show of Shows. Instead, The Nigerian Giant was surprisingly announced as his opponent.



Brock Lesnar recently sat down with Daniel Cormier ahead of the highly-anticipated match-up to talk about different things. The former WWE Champion was asked to give his thoughts on the match-up. Brock said he liked the idea of facing Omos when it was first pitched to him.

Meanwhile, it was in the last month that Lesnar reportedly told WWE employees that he was “finishing up,” sparking internet speculation about his future with the company.

Reports on Brock Lesnar’s contract status

Billi Bhatti has reported that Lesnar wasn’t always planned to win the match last night. He reported that UFC’s parent company, Endeavor buying WWE played a role in the outcome of the bout. He wrote:

“Here’s some free info. Brock wasn’t always going over last night. Brock was done. There was a creative path that would’ve seen Lashley help Omos and then Lashley beat Brock in Saudi on his way out. New owners obviously want him and he wants to work for them, again. #WrestleMania”

During the interview Daniel Cormier, he spoke about his future. He said:

“Every time that I think that I’m done, I’m looking to… then I get in a ring, I get to the building, and that’s the part of the business that I really love. I left the business early because I just didn’t like the travel. I’m just a simple man, and it was just too much for me at the then. But I don’t know. I don’t know how much more that I’m gonna… I don’t know how long I’m gonna be around. I don’t know that.”

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