Is Drew McIntyre In Trouble With Triple H?

The current status of WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has been a topic of interest among fans, particularly since he has yet to sign a new contract with the company. His sudden absence from WWE programming has only fueled speculation even further. However, there is one particular story that has been making the rounds lately that needs to be addressed.



A rumor has been circulating that Drew McIntyre was originally scheduled to appear on the latest episode of SmackDown but failed to attend the taping. This only added to the growing buzz about his whereabouts and status.

According to PW Insider, Drew McIntyre did indeed participate in several local interviews in the lead-up to last night’s episode of SmackDown in Lincoln, Nebraska. This led many to assume that he was scheduled to make an appearance on the show. The Pinnacle Bank Arena even had a promotional image featuring McIntyre for the television taping.

To clarify this issue, Ringside News reached out to confirm Drew McIntyre’s status. We were informed that he was not scheduled to appear on SmackDown this week.

In fact, Ringside News exclusively reported that Drew McIntyre had been injured. He sustained the injury while on the road to WrestleMania but kept it hidden so he could participate in the highly anticipated IC Title triple threat match against Sheamus and GUNTHER, two people he enjoys working with immensely.

Adding to the confusion, Drew McIntyre recently blacked out his Twitter profile. He removed all references to WWE and replaced his profile photo and wallpaper with black images. Although this move has caused some speculation, its meaning remains unclear at the moment, though it does not appear he is in trouble with Triple H.

As this situation with Drew McIntyre continues to develop, fans will keep a close eye on any updates or news that may come to light. Drew McIntyre is sure to make headlines in the near future, and we will be sure to bring you all the latest information as it becomes available.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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