Is Ivanka Trump Worried About Massive Indictment?

According to People, amidst former President Donald Trump’s mounting legal troubles and his recent indictment, his family members, including daughter Ivanka Trump, reportedly remain unfazed by the prospect of him serving jail time. A source close to the family shared that they are confident Trump will not go to jail and that no one is worried about the situation.



Ivanka Trump, who has largely remained quiet amidst the controversy, is said to be living her life without hiding away. She and her husband, Jared Kushner, are residing in Miami and continue to be active in the area. Despite the legal challenges, they appear carefree and are enjoying their time in Florida.

Tiffany Trump, Ivanka’s younger sister, also lives nearby in Palm Beach. The sisters have reportedly grown closer in recent years, bonding over shared experiences from their father’s time in the White House. They have chosen to step away from politics and are focusing on relaxing and spending time in South Florida.

“Everyone knows he’s not going to jail. No one is worried,” a source tells PEOPLE of Trump’s closest family members.

She’s all over the place down here, always out and about,” the source tells PEOPLE of Ivanka, 41, and her husband Jared Kushner’s life in Miami.

“They’re definitely not hiding. They live right on the beach,” the source adds of the luxury high-rise condominium complex the couple calls home as they continue construction on a nearby $24 million waterfront property. “They seem like they don’t have a care in the world.”


Ivanka publicly announced her decision to stay out of her father’s 2024 campaign, emphasizing that she wants to prioritize her young children and focus on her private family life. She stated that while she will continue to love and support her father, she will not be involved in politics going forward.

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