Is Liv Morgan Quitting WWE For New Job?

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Liv Morgan has been exploring new avenues and expanding her horizons in recent times. Last year, she made a captivating appearance on the popular TV series, Chucky. The WWE star has been vocal about her acting aspirations and has been auditing for several roles, leading many to question if she is considering leaving wrestling behind.



However, during a recent appearance on the Out Of Character podcast, Liv clarified her stance. She stated that her ultimate goal in pursuing acting opportunities is to bring more recognition and visibility to the world of wrestling. She wants to showcase the art form to a wider audience and raise awareness about the athletic and entertaining nature of the sport.

I don’t want people to think that I care less for here or that I’m going to try less for here or that my goals aren’t the same because I’m interested in other things. It’s not the case so I just wanted to clear the air.

I feel as far as WWE is concerned, everything that I do, it’s to bring more star power over. I’m not doing these things so I can be rich and famous and successful and be like ‘Alright, peace!’ It’s like no. I want to bring more fans. I want to bring more just notoriety in any way that I can.

I want to wrestle for as long as I possibly can and I will, but tomorrow is not ever promised, you know? So if I can utilize this platform while I have it to kind of start a transition into acting and other entertainment, I of course want to utilize this platform while I have it.