Is Rey Mysterio finally heading back to the WWE?

Rey Mysterio has been going back and forth in regards to a contract for some time with the WWE. Since his Royal Rumble appearance earlier this year, the company has been trying to bring the Ultimate Underdog back to their roster.



With his appearance in the WWE’s latest game, many felt that the legendary Luchador was on his way back to the Land of the Giants. However, no official word ever came regarding his contract status, and the rumors of a new deal were put to rest quickly.

Well, it seems like Rey Mysterio has indeed signed on with the WWE, or is at least close to it. PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson reported today that Northeast Wrestling pulled Rey Mysterio from their August 24th event, with the reason being his “pending contractual agreement” with the WWE.

So, with Mysterio apparently finally signing on with the WWE, who would you like to see the former WWE Champion take on first?

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