Is Triple H Going To Fire Theory After Raw?

Austin Theory was the Money In The Bank briefcase holder. The talented superstar missed the mark and had to lose it due to interference from Bobby Lashley on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Notably, Theory was answering the call to an open challenge, but he decided to cash in his chip instead.



The All Mighty Bobby Lashley decided to walk into the parade of Theory and bust it up with his own version of an interference. The interference led to a stomp from Seth Rollins, thus ending Austin’s parade and he also lost his briefcase in the process.

While fans were not happy with what transpired in Raw’s main event, Ringside News can confirm through exclusive information that this was done in an attempt to make Austin Theory become free from the shackles of being a MITB briefcase owner, and that Triple H is a fan of Theory.

The producers all felt we were finally getting Theory in position.” Now, Theory is in a program with Seth Rollins, “who is quickly becoming RAW’s top babyface.” Bobby Lashley is also in the mix, and the Almighty “has been positioned as the one man who can beat up Brock Lesnar at will. Theory is better off today than he has been since Vince retired.

The backstage environment after this situation was filled with excitement and it looks like Vince’s plans may have been taken over by Triple H and he would get a better push than what Vince had in mind. Here’s what the backstage had to say:

He’s not written off. He’s right in the middle of it.

It means that there is something else on the horizon for Austin Theory and Triple H has different plans for him than what Vince did during the initial run. Triple H knows how to run the creative division, and it would be wrong to judge his decision of ending the MITB run unsuccessfully.

It’s clear that this was an attempt to add him to the same legacy as John Cena and Baron Corbin also tweeted about it referencing John Cena. Notably, fans would have to wait if WWE announces a match between him and John Cena for The Showcase of the Immortals.

Would you be excited for a match between John Cena and Austin Theory? Sound off in the comments.

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