Is Triple H Starting A New Promotion?

There has been a lot of speculating among fans revolving around Triple H, who people believed to be unhappy about the changes being made in NXT and fans think that he might want to step away from WWE and start his own wrestling company. ‘The Game’ recently had a cardiac procedure that required a lot of time at home. He is back to work, and was recently spotted touring the site of WWE’s new officers. There is also no way he’s leaving Vince McMahon’s company. Roman Reigns Reveals Why He May Leave WWE



Triple H is not leaving WWE

The rumor recently stated that he might be parting ways with WWE to start a new promotion. Some fans were buzzing about Triple H exiting the company after Vince McMahon greatly diminished his responsibilities on NXT.

This rumor made its way onto the Wrestling Observer Forum where Dave Meltzer commented to set the record straight. HHH didn’t leave WWE’s daily operations for any other reason except for the fact that he had a cardiac procedure done:

“He has serious health issues nor does he have the money to be able to start a company,” Meltzer said, “This is much to do about nothing.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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