Israel Adesanya Leaks ‘Embarrassing’ Robert Whittaker Photos

Israel Adesanya is someone you just don’t mess with. You especially don’t mess with him or talk on him when he already handled you! It seems like Robert Whittaker just can’t stay quiet even after Israel had his way with him in a huge way. Nick Diaz Offered Big Name UFC Return Fight.



Robert had stated previously on Israel: “He’s definitely not a God and not even as good as he thinks he is.”

Israel fired back with a video of him taking care of Whittaker included with a photo of a fist straight to the jaw. Israel stated in the photo: “If I’m not as good as I think I am, what does that make you?”

The history between these two is a storied one with both going back and forth with one another during press conferences and in the octagon, of course. Israel was able to clinch the win on Whittaker the last time they met with Israel not only grabbing the win in common fashion, but he got the TKO.

The two will be back at it again very soon as Whittaker has his eyes deadest on this rematch that could really make or break him at this point. There’s just so much riding on this.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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