Ivanka Trump Betrays Family Member To ‘Protect Herself’

It has come to light that CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen recently broke down Ivanka Trump’s testimony in former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial on Wednesday and concluded that she threw her father “under the bus” via Media Ite.



Eisen spoke after CNN’s Kara Scannell reported on the details of Ivanka’s testimony in New York City.

“Ivanka Trump was on the stand all day here today, and she was questioned about her involvement in two specific loans that the Trump Organization was involved in, a loan for the Doral golf course in Florida and the Old Post Office building in Washington, D.C.,” Scannell began, adding:

“Ivanka Trump testified that she had set up a relationship with Deutsche Bank through one of these bankers and that she was involved in these loans, she said at a high level. But when it came down to the nitty-gritty details of it, she said she didn’t recall much of that, including a lot of details about what was required under the personal guarantee that her father had agreed to in order to get these loans.

And they focused on the Old Post Office building and pulled up an email that indicated that the GSA, which was involved in this deal, that they had identified that Trump’s financial statements did not comply with all accounting rules, and there were exceptions to that. She was asked if that came up during an in-person meeting that she attended in Washington with her father meeting with the GSA. She said she didn’t recall the financial statements coming up in that meeting, distancing herself from it. And and a key allegation in this case is that, you know, loans were decided based on these allegedly fraudulent financial statements. She said she didn’t remember that coming up and that the discussions then were about her vision for the project.”

Scannell concluded by noting, “She said she didn’t know what went into the financial statements. She didn’t prepare them, she didn’t review them. She didn’t approve them. So, again, distancing herself from them like her brothers, Don Junior and Eric Trump did when they testified last week.”

After playing a short clip from New York Attorney General Letitia James, anchor Wolf Blitzer turned to Eisen and asked, “Did Ivanka Trump’s testimony help or hurt her dad?”

“Her testimony hurt her father. She threw him under the bus,” Eisen replied, adding:

“She did not defend these financial statements. She said she didn’t prepare them. She didn’t review them and she didn’t approve them. So if he was looking to her for help, he didn’t get it. There were a lot of I don’t know and I don’t remember to protect herself.

And then finally, Wolf, there was one Perry Mason moment because this proceeding has been about dishonesty. And New York confronted Ivanka with a personal guarantee. Her father was supposed to make a personal guarantee. They confronted her with evidence that the father turned around and demanded that his kids guarantee him for the guarantee. So it was neither personal nor guarantee. It was like when he said Intent doesn’t mean we will do it. It was a Perry Mason moment.”

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