Ivanka Trump Breaks Down Crying After…

In a recent video on Twitter, Ivanka Trump expressed deep admiration, saying, “I cried…Adele carries some of that spirit. You can take away all the instruments, just have that voice and it’s so commanding,” while discussing Aretha Franklin’s ‘Amazing Grace’ performance with Lex Fridman and she broke down crying as a result.




Ivanka Trump recently opened up about her mother, Ivana Trump, on the Lex Fridman Podcast, reflecting on the profound influence her mother had on her life. Ivana Trump passed away two years ago, and Ivanka has frequently shared memories and insights about her on social media since then.

During the podcast, Ivanka highlighted several aspects of Ivana’s life that shaped her own values and perspectives. She spoke fondly of Ivana’s upbringing in communist Czech Republic and her athletic background, noting how these experiences contributed to her mother’s resilience and zest for life.

One of the most significant lessons Ivanka learned from Ivana was how to fully embrace and enjoy life. She recalled cherished memories of her mother’s joyous moments, such as relaxing in the ocean or dancing with abandon. Ivana’s love for life and her ability to live in the present deeply impacted Ivanka, teaching her about courage, conviction, and self-assurance.

Ivanka also attributed Ivana’s skills as an athlete to her ability to strike a balance between discipline and savoring life’s pleasures. According to Ivanka, her mother’s approach serves as an inspiration for finding fulfillment and happiness in every moment.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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