Ivanka Trump ‘Broke Up’ With Big Name Before…

Ivanka Trump efforts of their mutual friend, Wendi Murdoch. The couple first crossed paths in 2007 at a business meeting facilitated by Murdoch, who thought they would complement each other well. Initially, their connection was purely perceived as transactional, but it blossomed into a romantic relationship.



Despite their initial chemistry, Ivanka and Jared faced a significant hurdle early on: religious differences. Jared, coming from a devout Jewish background, and Ivanka, raised Presbyterian, encountered challenges due to these differing faiths. This led to a brief breakup in 2008 as Jared’s religious beliefs were crucial to him.

However, Wendi Murdoch was determined to see them together. She orchestrated a reunion by inviting both Ivanka and Jared on a Mediterranean cruise. This strategic move brought them back together, and eventually, Ivanka converted to Judaism. In October 2009, they tied the knot in a lavish ceremony at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, with Wendi Murdoch among the 500 guests celebrating their union.

Throughout their relationship, Wendi Murdoch continued to play a supportive role, reflecting her reputation as a legendary matchmaker among her circle of friends and acquaintances. Her efforts not only brought Ivanka and Jared back together but also solidified their bond, leading to their enduring partnership and family life.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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