Ivanka Trump ‘Careless’ After Family Legal Trouble

It’s been nearly a week after former US President Donald Trump took his mug shot at the Fulton County Jail in Georgia and the trial dates are being set and his colleagues are taking plea deals. It seems that a lot has been going on during Donald’s legal battles, and it seems everyone in the family isn’t worried, especially his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump via SheKnows.



Insiders of the family claim that “no one is worried” because “everyone knows he’s not going to jail,” per OK via MSN. Along with not being worried, Ivanka is allegedly “all over the place” — but not mentally, no, they’re talking about how she’s physically “all over the place.”

“She’s all over the place down here, always out and about,” the insider added. “They’re definitely not hiding. They live right on the beach… They seem like they don’t have a care in the world.”

The pictures obtained by multiple outlets definitely seem that way. It is noted that while many people have been confused about the Trump Card author and her husband Jared Kushner’s loyalties to Donald, it’s clear that she, Kushner, and their three kids are going out every chance they get.

This summer alone we’ve seen them at multiple sporting events with their sons, finishing up their new home’s renovations, and packing on the PDA when they’re out and about; so they truly are “all over the place,” despite the legal troubles looming over their family.

While Kushner and Ivanka have been seen as wishy-washy for attending multiple events with Donald despite announcing their decision to step away from politics, it’s quite clear that they’ve truly prioritized their own family of five more, like they originally claimed.

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