Ivanka Trump ‘Corruption’ In White House Leaks

During a House hearing on Wednesday titled “Defending America from the Chinese Communist Party’s Political Warfare,” Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA) targeted former President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka for allegedly profiting from China while serving in the White House. Although the hearing was led by the GOP, many Democrats, including Garcia, utilized their time to highlight Trump’s business dealings with China.



Garcia gave tons of emphasis to the ethical and constitutional issues associated with Trump’s continued business transactions during his presidency. He stated, “The former president spent his time in office collecting payments from China and many other countries through his businesses. He refused to divest from those businesses and broke decades of precedent.” Garcia pointed out that the U.S. Constitution prohibits receiving payments from foreign governments, referencing a committee investigation that documented substantial cash flows from the Chinese government to the Trump Organization.

Garcia detailed the financial entanglements, noting, “The People’s Republic of China, including state-owned enterprises, sent more than 5.5 million to the Trump Organization.” He clarified that this figure likely represents a minimum, given the limited data available from only a few Trump locations, suggesting the actual amount could be significantly higher.

He also brought attention to the controversial awarding of trademarks by China to Trump-related entities. Shortly after Trump assumed office, the Chinese government approved 38 new trademarks for Trump in industries such as restaurants and advertising. Garcia highlighted that Ivanka Trump, who worked in the White House, received preliminary approval for three Chinese trademarks on the same day Donald Trump dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago. Notably, Ivanka did not divest from her company while serving in the White House.

Now, we all know that the Constitution has a specific prohibition from receiving payments from foreign governments. Our committee, this committee actually had an investigation that documented cash flowing directly from the Chinese government, state-owned businesses, into the businesses and pockets of the Trump family. Here is just some of that. We know that the People’s Republic of China, including state-owned enterprises, sent more than 5.5 million to the Trump Organization.

And just to be clear, it’s a minimum of 5.5 million because we only have data and a few of the Trump locations is likely much, much higher. A number that China actually spent money and drove money into the Trump Organization, of course, while Donald Trump was the president. This is unconstitutional and threatens our national security. Now, these, of course, aren’t the only favors that the Trump family got from China just months after he took office.

The Chinese government suddenly reversed long-standing policies and awarded Trump 38 new trademarks in China for industries related to restaurants and advertising. And of course, this went beyond just Donald Trump himself. In April of 2017, with Trump’s White House in chaos, many people, including the Chinese government, were all trying to gain influence. During this time, Ivanka Trump was working in the White House, got preliminary approval for three Chinese trademarks on the same day that Donald Trump had dinner with XI Jinping at Mar-A-Lago. And remember, Ivanka never divested her company while she was working in the White House. Now, President Trump also overruled our own security officials in our own government and publicly promised to save jobs at the Chinese government telecom company, which was facing sanctions. And the list goes on and on and on.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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