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Ivanka Trump, former Senior Advisor to the President of the United States and daughter of the 45th President, Donald Trump, has always maintained a delicate balance between her public life and her role as a mother. While much of her time in the public eye has been met with scrutiny, her relationship with her daughter, Arabella Rose Kushner, remains a testament to her commitment as a parent.



Ivanka, 42, has been a prominent figure in American politics and business since her teenage years. Despite the demands of her high-profile career, she has consistently prioritized her family life. Arabella, who is now 11 years old, has been at the forefront of her mother’s life.

The bond between Ivanka and Arabella was evident during her years in Washington, D.C., when Ivanka served as a Senior Advisor in her father’s administration. Despite the political controversies surrounding the Trump family, Ivanka made it a point to ensure her daughter’s well-being. Arabella attended the prestigious Sidwell Friends School, where Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, actively participated in school events and parent-teacher conferences.

Ivanka has often taken to social media to share glimpses of her life as a mother. She has posted pictures of mother-daughter outings, educational activities, and heartfelt messages on special occasions, showcasing her deep connection with Arabella.

In addition to her political and business endeavors, Ivanka has also advocated for issues affecting families and children. She played a key role in the Trump administration’s policy initiatives, such as paid family leave and workforce development, which align with her commitment to supporting working parents.

As Arabella grows, Ivanka has expressed her hopes for her daughter’s future, emphasizing the importance of education, independence, and resilience. Arabella’s early exposure to the world of politics and business has undoubtedly shaped her perspective, and her mother’s guidance has played a crucial role in her upbringing.

Despite the public spotlight that has often focused on the Trump family, Ivanka Trump’s relationship with her daughter remains a central aspect of her life. Her dedication to motherhood has resonated with many, demonstrating that even in the midst of a high-profile career, the bond between a mother and her child remains a profound and cherished connection. Below is a new family photo.

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