Ivanka Trump ‘Ends Feud’ With Big Name At Wedding

It has come to light that Ivanka Trump and her sister-in-law Karlie Kloss are speaking out and told Page Six that they have a “good relationship,” in a bid to tamp down fresh rumors of a rift between the sisters-in-law.



It is noted that the supermodel and the Trump scion flared rumors they are feuding after not being pictured together, or posting any photos of each other, when they both attended the lavish Indian pre-wedding celebrations for the children of two of India’s wealthiest families.

Page Six noted that the pair have been “tested” during the past eight years of Donald Trump’s Republican reign, and that while they are not “best friends,” they do “get along,” and their relationship is in a good place.

Anant Ambani and his fiancée Radhika Merchant threw an extravagant, celebrity-filled bash in Jamnagar, Gujarat, earlier this month. Rhianna, who reportedly received $6 million to sing 19 of her hits, gave a performance.

Supermodel turned media investor Kloss, 31, attended the celebration with her husband, Jared’s younger brother, businessman Joshua Kushner, 38, while Ivanka, 42, flew out with her husband, 43-year-old Jared Kushner, and daughter Arabella, 12-year-old.

However, Ivanka posted photos with Jared and Arabella, dressed in traditional Indian garb, while separately, Karlie posted dazzling images of the festivities with her husband. The lack of photos fueled long-running hints about tensions between the two Kushner wives.

Following the rumors of a fresh rift at the Indian celebrations sources close to both sisters-in-law, who now live close together in Miami, Florida, spoke to Page Six and were quick to dispute the claims.

One source informed the outlet, “Ivanka and Karlie have a good relationship, they’re in the same family and they spend time at family events together, they also have an overlapping social circle in Miami.

“They may not be best friends, but it’s wide off the mark to say they don’t get along.”

As Trump goes for his second bid at the presidency, a second source told Page Six, “They have weathered so much and they are still spending time together at family events and social events, they continue to have a good relationship.

“Their relationship has had a pretty good test over the past eight years!”

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