Ivanka Trump Gets New Job After Ditching Dad

Ivanka Trump and her husband, real estate developer Jared Kushner, are embarking on a new venture: the creation of a luxurious Aman hotel on a 1,400-acre island in the Mediterranean. In a recent interview on Lex Friedman’s podcast, Ivanka expressed excitement about the project, highlighting their collaboration with top architects and brands.



The resort, managed by Vlad Dronin’s prestigious Aman brand, will include the renowned dining experience from Carbone. Ivanka explained, “Aman will operate the hotel, featuring villas, while Carbone handles food and beverage. It’s a thrilling opportunity to bring together top talent and indulge in real estate again.”

Ivanka, who previously worked in her father’s White House alongside Kushner before stepping back to focus on family in Miami, emphasized their aim to harmonize with the island’s natural landscape. She described their design approach as modern yet sensitive to the local vegetation and terrain, aiming to enhance rather than overshadow the natural beauty.

Aman hotels boast a global following among celebrities like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, the Kardashians, and others, drawn to its over 30 properties across 20 countries. Room rates at these resorts average $1,400 per night, with villas fetching up to $50,000.

Ivanka has been frequently seen at Aman’s New York City location, underscoring her ongoing engagement with the brand. She also plans to support her father, Donald Trump, at the GOP nomination event, although she will not hold any political role in the campaign.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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