Ivanka Trump Humiliates Dad After Arrest Report

Speculation is abound concerning Trump’s potential arrest over a looming indictment. The indictment is for supposed hush money payments made by Trump to adult actress Stormy Daniels in the amount of 130,000 US dollars. This took place in the year of our Good Lord, 2023.

According to a publication printed by Page Six, While former U.S President Donald Trump is pumped about his possible arrest and indictment, his family is not so excited for obvious reasons. 



The former U.S. president is in “high spirits” and his team is apparently “pumped” over the lavish media attention Trump has been getting. They truly believe that any publicity is good publicity, and that this will help cement Trump’s 2024 presidential candidacy. However, a source has revealed that Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, isn’t showing the same enthusiasm as the former president.

“She wants to be away from it. She wants to protect [their son] Barron,” 17, says a source.

“Melania is lying very low,” the insider continued. “She hasn’t been coming out for the dinners and events at Mar-a-Lago. He is acting like everything is normal, but she hasn’t been social.”

We hear Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, a former senior White House adviser, are similarly steering clear of The Donald.

Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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