Ivanka Trump Humiliates Donald After ‘Significant Loss’

As revealed by Occupy Democrats on Twitter, explosive revelations have recently surfaced from a Trump insider, shedding light on a stunning development within the Trump family. According to this insider, Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former President Donald Trump, is reportedly making desperate attempts to “rebrand” herself as a Kushner, distancing herself from her father due to widespread public disdain. The consequences of this decision have already taken a toll on Ivanka, causing her to suffer significant losses in terms of both lucrative brand deals and friendships.



However, the situation appears to be even graver for the Trump clan. The source further discloses that Ivanka is now engaged in a deliberate effort to “socially reposition” herself by aligning with the Kushner name. This strategic move stems from the belief that Kushner possesses a more stable and reliable brand than the tarnished Trump name. Consequently, Ivanka finds herself compelled to shift away from her father, as her own struggling brand necessitates immediate action for self-preservation.

The insider elaborates, painting a picture of the delicate balancing act Ivanka is attempting. No longer fully immersed in the Trump orbit, she now identifies herself as a Kushner, indicating a notable departure from her previous alignment with her father. It is worth noting that Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband, operates within his own separate sphere, possessing a distinct world and set of associations. While his own familial issues have not gone unnoticed, the Kushner brand enjoys a higher level of stability and a lower degree of visibility, making it an attractive refuge for Ivanka.

The Kushner clan, as highlighted by the insider, seems to be an active hub of activity and influence, with various ventures and engagements keeping them occupied. This thriving environment has likely fueled Ivanka’s desire to distance herself from the Trump name and find solace within the Kushner fold. The allure of a more secure and less scrutinized brand has proven too enticing for Ivanka to resist, leading her to sever ties with her father’s orbit and seek a new identity as a Kushner.

BREAKING: Trump insider drops bombshell, reveals that Ivanka Trump is desperately trying to “rebrand” herself as a Kushner because everyone “loathes” her father Donald — which has already caused her to lose countless “brand deals and friends.”

But it gets even worse for Trump…

The insider continues, revealing that Ivanka is “attempting to socially reposition” herself as a Kushner because Kushner “has a more stable brand than Trump” — which has forced Ivanka to “pívot away from her father to save her own struggling brand.

The insider finished, “She’s now a Kushner, and she’s not 100% with both feet in the Trump orbit. Jared has his own world and his own orbit — and we all know about his father’s own issues, but it’s a lot more stable brand, a lot less visible brand. They’ve got a lot going on over in the Kushner clan.”

We can’t let Ivanka get away with this shameless “rebrand” after she spent four years helping her dad grift a fortune from the Oval Office.

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