Ivanka Trump In Legal Trouble For Payments To…

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump may have to testify in the civil fraud trial in New York. This comes after New York Attorney General Letitia James’ new filing on Thursday. James has been vocal of the fact that Trump used his power to inflate his income to get business loans and tax benefits between 2011 and 2021.



James has used Ivanka’s credit card bills as an evidence against her. While Ivanka’s lawyers filed a motion last week to quash a subpoena that forces Ivanka to testify, it looks like this will be a difficult task. Ivanka’s lawyers said that she was dropped from the case earlier this year due to a statute of limitations.

Ms. Trump remains under the control of the Trump Organization, including through her ongoing and substantial business ties to the organization. Ms. Trump reappointed herself to a participating member of several Trump Organization entities following her departure from government.


James however states that Ivanka will be required to testify even though she was a defendant in the civil suit. It’s going to be an interesting turn of events if this does become a reality as Trump has been stating for a long time that this entire suit is politically motivated.

Letitia James has an open battle with Donald Trump and his empire

Letitia James has filed a suit in Judge Arthur Engoron’s court suing former President Donald Trump for $250 million. This is in reference to Trump’s attempts to inflate his wealth and conduct business as well as financial fraud. James wrote:

She does not seem to be averse to her involvement in the family business when it comes to owning and collecting proceeds from the OPO sale, the Trump Organization purchasing insurance for her and her companies, managing her household staff and credit card bills, renting her apartment or even paying her legal fees in this action.

As an initial matter, Ms. Trump tries to draw a distinction between whether the subpoena had been served on her individually or as an officer of the entities addressed beneath her name in the subpoena. All roads here lead to Rome; regardless of how the subpoenas are parsed, sufficient service was effected to compel Ms. Trump’s testimony, whether individually or as an officer or agent of the corporate entities.

According to Newsweek, James has been vocal of Ivanka Trump’s involvement in the financial fraud and it’s important that she testifies in the court. Ivanka’s lawyers say that the subpoena wasn’t served in the right manner to her, James respectfully responded to the claim. The news portal reached out to Donald and Ivanka’s team for comment on the situation, but none has responded to the request as of this writing.

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