Ivanka Trump Looks Scared In Testimony Photos

Ivanka Trump looked scared in new testimony photos on Twitter.



According to NY Daily News, Ivanka Trump appeared in the Manhattan Supreme Court civil fraud trial, serving as the final witness for the New York attorney general. In contrast to her father’s earlier demeanor, Ivanka maintained a polite and occasionally amused tone during her testimony, responding to inquiries about her familiarity with the financial statements that were central to the case. Her responses included statements such as, “Those weren’t things that I was privy to” and “I wasn’t involved with his financial statements.”

Initially a defendant in the case, Ivanka successfully appealed for dismissal in June, arguing that the claims were outdated. Having left her role at the Trump Organization in 2017 to work in her father’s White House, Ivanka currently resides in Florida.

The New York attorney general’s lawsuit from September 2022 alleges that Ivanka played a significant role in securing favorable loan terms for her father’s Doral golf resort in Miami and was involved in leasing negotiations for the Old Post Office hotel in Washington, D.C. During her testimony, she emphasized her substantial involvement in the redevelopment of these properties, stating that she dedicated a considerable amount of time to their development.

The attorney general’s testimony on Monday detailed that former President Trump had benefited by over $300 million through the inflation of his net worth, citing the $375 million sale of the D.C. hotel in 2022, which yielded $126 million for Trump and $4 million for each of his three eldest children.

According to the attorney general, the 2013 loan from Deutsche Bank, which Ivanka had allegedly helped her father secure with misleading statements, was pivotal in facilitating the lucrative sale. Ivanka was depicted as the primary intermediary between the Trump Organization and the team of bankers that provided Trump with the majority of his loans between 2011 and 2022 at notably favorable rates.

During the trial, an email from December 2011 was presented in which Ivanka expressed enthusiasm about the loan terms from Deutsche Bank, writing, “It doesn’t get better than this.”

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