Ivanka Trump Parties With Donald Jr. In Photo

Former President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump was recently spotted enjoying a party which also featured Donald Trump Jr. She was seen in sparkling style, wearing a custom gown for her bat mitzvah.



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Meanwhile, it has come to light that a female member of former US president Donald Trump’s family was involved in decisions over how to handle classified US government documents that he took from the White House, prosecutors said as the historic indictment unsealed this week.

It is noted that the authorities alleged that an unnamed family member gave instructions to Donald Trump’s aide Walt Nauta as he was preparing to sneak away documents that he did not wish to give back.

The allegation has widened the circle of people who may have had unauthorised influence over sensitive information on US nuclear weapons, military plans and foreign relations. The identity of the family member remains a mystery with the only clue being that Walt Nauta allegedly addressed her as “ma’am”.

ABC News reported that the woman was likely to be Melania, citing sources. Donald Trump is facing 37 criminal charges including willfully retaining national defence information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, concealing a document in a federal investigation, and false statements and representations.

Prosecutors claimed that the former US president wanted to keep hold of some documents in defiance of a legal order to give them back, storing them at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Although Donald Trump denied all the charges and said that he is “an innocent man” who is suffering because of “a hoax” contrived by his political enemies.

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