Ivanka Trump Posts Photo Of Joe Rogan’s Famous Friend

In a recent statement, Ivanka Trump commended a highly informative and contemplative dialogue held earlier in the week between Jared Kushner and Joe Rogan’s buddy Lex Fridman, focusing on the tragic and devastating terror attacks perpetrated by Hamas in Israel. Expressing her gratitude, Ivanka lauded their approach, acknowledging their compassionate stance, precise analysis, and profound wisdom in addressing the sensitive and distressing subject matter. She emphasized the interview’s significance and timely relevance, urging others to partake in the valuable insights it offers.



Conveying her empathetic sentiments, Ivanka extended her prayers, invoking courage, strength, and healing for all the innocent individuals enduring the profound repercussions of the ongoing turmoil. Her heartfelt message sought to offer solace and support to those affected by the distressing circumstances. Additionally, she provided access to the interview through a link in her bio, enabling interested viewers to engage with the conversation directly. The interview can be found on Lex Fridman’s Podcast on Spotify as Episode #399, or alternatively on Lex’s YouTube Channel, allowing for widespread accessibility and engagement with the crucial discussion on a critical global issue.

Earlier this week, @jaredckushner and @lexfridman engaged in an incredibly informative and thought-provoking conversation on the devastating terror attacks by Hamas in Israel.

Grateful for their compassion, precision and wisdom as they tackle this difficult and heartbreaking topic. It is an important and timely interview that I encourage you to watch.

Sending prayers for courage, strength and healing to all the innocent people who are suffering so greatly

Link in Bio ⬆️ or you can listen on Lex Fridman’s Podcast on Spotify Episode #399 or Lex’s YouTube Channel



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