Ivanka Trump Reveals Donald’s Illegal Crimes?

Ivanka Trump is throwing her Dad and brothers to the wolves in a New York fraud lawsuit. The Independent reports: In court documents, Ms. Trump’s attorneys argue that the fraud complaint filed last year against her and her codefendants by New York attorney general Letitia James “does not contain a single allegation that Ms. Trump directly or indirectly created, prepared, reviewed, or certified any of her father’s financial statements.” “Other individuals were responsible for those tasks,” her lawyers wrote.

The ongoing war in Ukraine is a horrendous ordeal. The Fox News network previously made a statement that Donald Trump “might have” allowed Russia to take parts of Ukraine. Since then however, the Rupert Murdoch owned network has retracted the statement. Could this be due to the ongoing Trump/Fox lawsuit?

According to a recent report made by The Daily Beast, the former U.S. President, Donald Trump has insisted that the Ukraine war might not have happened if he were still the U.S.  president. Trump went so far as to blame the “rigged election” on Russia’s unprovoked invasion while additionally claiming that he had the magic words to help stop the fighting “immediately.”



During a recent radio interview conducting with Fox News host (and longtime confidant) Sean Hannity this past Monday, the twice-impeached ex-president finally revealed how he personally would have prevented the war. According to Trump, all he needed to do was let Russia “take over” parts of Ukraine.

Saying that Russia was going for the “whole enchilada” with Joe Biden as president, Trump added that Russia “took over nothing” while he was in the White House because Russian President Vladimir Putin “understood” that “he would have never done it.”

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