Ivanka Trump Romantic Pink Swimsuit Photo Revealed

Ivanka Trump was spotted wearing a romantic pink swimsuit recently.



In a recent federal court hearing, Donald Trump’s attorney, John Sauer, made a controversial argument asserting that the former president is immune from criminal prosecution. The argument faced scrutiny when Judge Florence Pan posed a hypothetical scenario involving a president ordering Seal Team Six to assassinate a political rival. Sauer contended that criminal prosecution would only be applicable if the president were first impeached and convicted.

This argument, widely ridiculed by legal experts, prompted Representative Jamie Raskin to respond, calling it “utterly ludicrous” and raising concerns about its potential implications. Speaking on CNN, Raskin highlighted the absurdity of the claim that a president could avoid criminal prosecution by resorting to assassinations, emphasizing the dangerous precedent it could set.

Raskin pointed out that the argument creates a disturbing incentive for a sitting president to eliminate lawmakers who might vote against him during an impeachment trial. He presented a troubling scenario in which a president facing impeachment might resort to murdering senators to prevent a conviction and subsequent criminal prosecution.

While acknowledging the absurdity of Trump’s argument, Raskin underscored its potential danger, portraying it as a reflection of a worldview steeped in outlandish and deranged thinking. The concern lies in the association of such arguments with the concept of political violence, highlighting the need to address and reject narratives that could undermine democratic principles and the rule of law.

And of course, as a member of Congress, my first thought was, well, then if the president is going to order out for the assassination of his political rivals, and say there’s a narrow margin in the Senate of a two or three vote in the opposition party, what’s to keep him from murdering members of the Senate to make sure that he doesn’t get convicted there in order to deny a two-thirds majority?

He could kill them and then he can’t be impeached or convicted because he’s murdered his opposition and can’t be prosecuted for it because he hasn’t been impeached or convicted. Now, of course, Trump’s argument is utterly ludicrous. Nobody’s ever even attempted such an absurd argument in American history. But it shows you how outlandish and deranged Donald Trump’s worldview is at this point. And it’s very dangerous because all of it revolves around political violence.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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