Ivanka Trump Shows Incredibly Tan Skin In Photo

Ivanka Trump recently took to her Instagram account and posted a series of pictures. One of which saw her being tanned. In the photo, Ivanka and Jared wrapped their arms around each other while Arabella, 11, held Winter, Joseph, nine, clutched onto Simba’s leash, and Theodore, six, stood in front of his mom.



Her caption read:

“A couple of weeks ago we brought Simba, our big hearted and goofy German Shepherd-Lab mix, home from Big Dog Ranch Rescue. This little warrior puppy was found abandoned and emaciated alongside a highway in Alabama. Simba joins Winter and Chester , another furry friend who recently joined the family. Welcome to the crew, Simba! “

Ivanka Trump has revealed her family has adopted a second dog – four years after she faced brutal criticism for buying her daughter a purebred puppy.

The 42-year-old mother-of-three shared a snap of her family posing with their new pooch Simba, who is a German Shepherd-Lab mix.

Alongside Simba was her daughter Arabella’s snow-white dog, Winter, who Ivanka purchased back in 2019 and caused her to face furious backlash for ‘skipping a rescue’ and getting an all-white pooch.

Following the barrage of criticism, Ivanka seems to have learned her lesson, choosing on this occasion to turn to a shelter in order to find a new dog for her family – prompting fans to gush over her ‘huge heart’ as she shared resources for others looking to adopt.

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