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According to Mediaite, Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist, and Mika Brzezinski, in a discussion on their show, criticized former President Donald Trump’s speech at a rally in West Palm Beach. The speech made headlines for several controversial statements, including claims about Barack Obama, the condition of the U.S. Capitol, and comments about the Hamas attack on Israeli citizens.

The discussion began with a focus on the ongoing chaos within the House GOP regarding the empty speakership and the fact that both Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise had yet to publicly acknowledge President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. Geist described the situation as “absolutely insane” and referenced Trump’s rally as an “insane event.”

Geist then listed some of the headline-making comments from Trump’s speech and described the former president as “off the rails and, frankly, insane.” Scarborough echoed this sentiment, emphasizing Trump’s praise of Hezbollah and previous compliments to leaders like Vladimir Putin, President Xi Jinping of China, and Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Scarborough suggested that the Republican Party’s embrace of Trump was “absolutely crazy.”

Brzezinski pointed out the contrast between Trump and President Biden, highlighting Biden’s clarity, context, and sense of humanity in handling global conflicts and world affairs. The hosts criticized Trump’s ongoing obsession with Barack Obama and questioned the source of this fixation.

The conversation concluded with humor as Scarborough imagined Obama being on a yacht in Bali, emphasizing that he has not been running the government, as Trump suggested in his speech.

The hosts expressed concern about Trump’s statements and behavior, contrasting it with President Biden’s handling of international affairs and underscoring their perception that Trump is making baseless claims and indulging in conspiracy theories.

Scarborough: A party that is so lost right now, just wandering around aimlessly in right field. Yeah.

Geist: And that’s not the fringe. That’s leadership. That’s the two choices, who want to run the caucus in the House of Representatives of the United States of America won’t say who won the 2020 election? Think about that for a minute. We’ve gotten used to it over the last couple of years, but that’s absolutely insane that they’re still running defense. They’re still running interference for Donald Trump, who’s running for president again. And by the way, maybe we won’t play it, but truly yesterday an insane event where he was talking about —

Brzezinski: Oh, we’re going to show.

Geist: Barack Obama is actually running the government, criticizing Bibi Netanyahu, saying, I want to make sure I get the quote right, that Hezbollah is, quote, very smart … Hezbollah? So that’s the guy that they’re defending right now while the sitting President of the United States makes speeches in defense of Israel, unequivocal defenses and looks like a president, frankly, while Donald Trump is truly, truly appearing to be off the rails and frankly, insane.

Scarborough: Out of his mind, I mean, praising Hezbollah, just like he praised Vladimir Putin, said he was brilliant when after after the invasion of Ukraine, all the praise that he’s had for President Xi and China always talking about what a brilliant man he is. Same thing, of course, with the tyrannical leader of North Korea. You know, he out of his mind. And again, the fact that Republicans are embracing this guy just is just absolutely crazy. Here we get this Hezbollah “very smart” phrase, Chinese President Xi Jinping, dictator who is overseeing China’s downfall over the past five years, a very smart man, Russian President Vladimir Putin, a genius and savvy. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who is considered by most human rights organization to be the most tyrannical, the most oppressive leader in the world. He calls him, quote, a great leader. Look at that look. That’s your Republican Party right there. That’s that’s your Republican Party. That’s the guy who is in who’s in first place in the Republican contest to be the next presidential nominee for the GOP. While you have two people that are the leaders running for speaker and who still can’t tell you who won the 2020 election. It is. It’s absolutely crazy.

Brzezinski: You have all these arguments about Joe Biden and his age. Please take a look at him over the past two days. And you mention Taiwan, you mention Ukraine, you mention the situation in Israel, in the Middle East. Now, Joe Biden is basically managing a conflict and an entire world order. And he’s doing it with clarity and with context and with a sense of humanity.

Scarborough Yeah. Yeah. Now you stack up any, pick your policy, press conference that Donald Trump had any, any over four years, compare them to any that Biden’s had. It’s just not even a close call. All right. Biden might stumble, he may stutter as a student and speak slowly. He may lose his train of thought once in a while. That said, unlike Donald Trump, he actually knows who’s running the government now and he knows who he ran against in 2020. Unlike Donald Trump, who still thinks — what’s this obsession with Obama, by the way?

Brzezinski: Oh.

Scarborough: Oh, by the way, he always says, remember where.

Brzezinski: It all started?

Scarborough: Always obsess. He thought he was bragging about beating Barack Obama in 2016 and said he was way ahead of Barack Obama in the polls. Right now, he’s got this singular obsession, Willie, with Barack Obama. It doesn’t, it’s not a good look.

Geist: Well, one of the founding fathers of the birther movement, remember that? So that was an obsession with Barack Obama. And now I don’t, I guess I don’t hang out in the dark corners of the Internet where the former President of the United States does. But apparently there’s an idea that it’s actually the former president, Barack Obama, who’s running the government right now somehow. And Donald Trump made that case at a rally last night while criticizing the prime minister of Israel and praising Hezbollah.

Scarborough: Well, that would be great. That would be a that’d be a news flash to the former president who’s probably on a yacht right now somewhere in Bali. He has not had time to run the government. He’s been trashed.

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