Ivanka Trump Shows Skin In Kardashian Photo

Former President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump recently made an unexpected cameo on “The Kardashians” and it has highlighted her close friendship with reality TV star Kim Kardashian via Yahoo.



The former president’s daughter recently turned up for the beauty mogul’s 43rd birthday celebration, looking chic and glammed up, which was featured in a recent episode of the reality show. However, what caught the attention of fans was her seating placement at the party, hinting that she was one of the top ones within Kim’s inner circle.

Ivanka Trump’s presence on the reality TV show has raised questions regarding her and Kim Kardashian’s political stance.

Ivanka Trump became the latest celebrity to debut on “The Kardashians,” as a recent episode highlighted her appearance at Kim’s 43rd birthday party. The party was hosted at Funke in Beverly Hills, California, marked a milestone in Kim’s life and offered a glimpse into the billionaire business mogul’s inner circle.

Ivanka was seen sitting on Kim’s top table rather than with the other guests. Her placement on the table was also super close to the SKIMS founder, which made it clear that the duo shared a bond that extended beyond being mere friends.

Ivanka was among the earliest arrivals at the party, a gesture that spoke volumes regarding her unwavering support for Kim as she marked another year.

At the birthday bash, Ivanka exuded elegance in a sparkly ensemble that accentuated her figure and placed her among the best-dressed at the event.

Ivanka’s shocking appearance on the TV show has certainly created a buzz, with many fans wondering if she would appear in more episodes. Some also questioned her affiliation with Kim and what it meant for the women’s political views.

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