Ivanka Trump Shows Skin In Romantic Photo

Ivanka Trump took to Instagram and uploaded a photo of herself with her husband, celebrating 14 years together.




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Kim Kardashian and Ivanka Trump’s friendship has a longstanding history, predating their recent appearance together at Kardashian’s lavish birthday celebration. According to an exclusive source for Us Weekly, the duo first connected almost a decade ago at the Met Gala, bonding over their experiences as new mothers. Their friendship has endured over the years, with multiple shared moments strengthening their bond.

Kardashian’s star-studded birthday party over the weekend showcased the closeness she shares with her inner circle, including Trump, who reposted Kardashian’s pictures and expressed her love for the reality star’s special day. The pair’s shared interest in criminal justice reform has also played a significant role in cementing their friendship. Collaborating on this important issue during Ivanka’s father’s presidency solidified their connection and provided a common cause to rally around.

Their joint efforts included advocacy for a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence for nonviolent drug-related offenses. Through their work with the Trump administration, Johnson was ultimately granted clemency in 2018 and later pardoned in 2020. The dedication to this cause has not only brought them closer but has also showcased their shared commitment to driving meaningful change in the criminal justice system.

Despite any public scrutiny, their bond appears to have remained strong, with their mutual experiences and shared advocacy continuing to serve as a foundation for their friendship.

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