Ivanka Trump Shows Skin In Tight Blue Shorts

Ivanka Trump has recently been showcasing her passion for poetry on social media. The daughter of Donald Trump and former White House advisor has been sharing her affection for her husband Jared Kushner, the joys of summer, and what appear to be her own poetic compositions.



In a recent Instagram post, Ivanka shared a series of photos featuring herself and Kushner in various settings during their summer activities. One snapshot shows them casually dressed in workout attire amidst a backdrop of trees adorned with purple flowers. In another, they’re elegantly attired for a formal outing, with Kushner in a button-up shirt and jeans, and Ivanka in a stylish matching ensemble accessorized with jewelry and sunglasses.

The post captures glimpses of their undisclosed location, characterized by wooded pathways and abundant flowers and greenery. Ivanka captioned the collection, “Sunshine and smiles on these long summer days.”

Curiously, Ivanka’s Instagram stories hint at her interest in writing poetry. A video shows the ocean tide in black and white, with the sun setting in the background. “Standing at the ocean’s edge, I let the waves wash over me, feeling the wild pulse of the Earth,” she penned. In another story featuring trees, Ivanka shared a freshly composed poem: “The sunlight slips through the branches, casting a tender, golden glow. As the trees whisper and hum their old-time secrets, soft and low.”

While Ivanka has previously shared occasional poems or writings from authors like Charles Bukowski, her recent compositions appear to be her own creative expressions. In April, she posted a desert snapshot with Kushner, accompanied by a poem referencing natural elements such as the breeze and sun: “Strums of heartstrings blend with the wise wind’s hum, A verse on the breeze, where the endless roads run, In this quiet kingdom of stone and sun, Her spirit’s verse is a melody spun.”


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