Ivanka Trump Shows Toned Stomach In White Photo

Ivanka Trump recently took to her Twitter and uploaded a gorgeous photo of herself in a white dress, where she showed off her toned stomach for fan enjoyment.



The attorney general of New York, Letitia James, has accused Ivanka Trump of failing to produce documents in a timely manner in relation to the Trump Organization’s civil fraud lawsuit. As the deadline for evidence submission approaches during the discovery phase of the case, James’s team filed a court document on April 25, alleging that Ivanka Trump has been uncooperative in providing the required documents.

The court filing, first reported by Forbes, sheds light on the ongoing legal battle between the Trump family and the state of New York. Ivanka Trump recently parted ways with her previous legal team, including attorneys who represented her and her brothers collectively. Since then, James’s office claims that Ivanka Trump’s team has significantly reduced the volume of documents submitted to state authorities.

Specifically, the attorney general’s office requested email communications sent by Ivanka Trump between 2014 and 2017. Initially, her attorneys provided thousands of emails covering the first nine months of 2014. However, the number of emails submitted per month drastically decreased to a few hundred by the end of 2014 and further dropped to a few dozen per month by the end of 2016. When questioned about the sharp decline in document production, Ivanka Trump’s legal team failed to provide a satisfactory explanation.

According to James’s team, the defendants either ignored inquiries, provided vague responses, or passed the responsibility to former counsel no longer involved in the case. The attorney general’s office believes that the time for further discussion and negotiation has passed and calls for Ivanka Trump’s team to provide sworn certifications detailing their process of preserving, searching, and producing documents in response to discovery notices.

In response, Ivanka Trump’s representatives argue that they have fulfilled their obligations and comply with the discovery process. They claim that there is no real controversy regarding document production. However, despite their objections, the judge presiding over the case has granted the attorney general’s motion, ordering Ivanka Trump’s team to submit affidavits under the threat of perjury, describing their document submission process to state authorities.


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