Ivanka Trump & Tom Brady Rumor Revealed

Former President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump recently got together with family and friends over the weekend to ring in her 42nd year on earth. Her actual birthday was Monday.



The former political advisor, who just attended Kim Kardashian’s ’s 43rd b-day bash in Los Angeles last week, posted a snap of the pre-festivities on Instagram.

In one picture, Trump, her husband Jared Kushner and their three kids Arabella (holding their cute dog), Joseph, and Theodore stand in front of their mansion in Indian Creek Village in Miami Beach.Another snap shows the crew in what appears to be the way modern living room, surrounding grandma (aka “Babi”) who is in a wheelchair.

The couple have been working on renovating this six bedroom, eight bathroom property since moving to South Florida after her father, former President Donald Trump, vacated the White House.

In another shot, Kushner, casually dressed in a T shirt and slacks, and Trump, wearing a sexy pink minidress, pose with a long, decorated table behind them. So they obviously had company over since the seats weren’t filled yet.

It has been noted that as for the guest list, we have to wonder who got the invite. Because just down the road in “Billionaire Bunker” is NFL legend Tom Brady, often seen taking his yacht out for a spin.

And moving to the ‘hood soon is Amazon king Jeff Bezos, who recently snatched up major real estate there. Trump’s caption was mysterious and no celeb was tagged: “Here’s to another year of great memories with my favorite people!”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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