Ivanka Trump Valentine Beach Photos Leak

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has posted Valentine beach photos, as seen below. The trumpet blasts are blowing louder than they ever have. We hear them on the wind – more mightily than they blew prior to the 2016 Presidential elections when the man Big Red was elected into office. Donald Trump may find himself back in office in a little more than a year from now. However, for now, Big Red is facing some backlash from detractors, and one in particular who claims to have upset him in the bedroom of all places. Just what is going on here?

According to The Hill, Lawyer Timothy Parlatore said on Sunday that former President Trump, whom Parlatore represents, used an empty folder that said “Classified Evening Summary” to block a light in his bedroom at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida. 



“He has one of those landline telephones next to his bed, and it has a blue light on it, and it keeps him up at night. So he took the manilla folder and put it over so it would keep the light down so he could sleep at night,” Parlatore told CNN.

“It’s just this folder. It says ‘Classified Evening Summary’ on it. It’s not a classification marking. It’s not anything that is controlled in any way. There is nothing illegal about it.”

The folder was reportedly turned over to the Justice Department in December, months after the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, along with more materials with classified markings and a laptop belonging to a current Trump aide. 

Classified materials had reportedly been electronically copied onto the laptop.

“What … you’ve seen here and also in the Biden and Pence investigations is that the White House does not have proper procedures for handling classified information. And these documents, when they get packed up and sent out when people leave office, they do keep showing up, if you will,” Parlatore said. 

Hundreds of classified materials were recovered from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last summer.

Truth is… Don’t invite snakes into your presence. They bite. 

Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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