Ivanka Trump Was Dating That 70’s Show Star

Ivanka Trump has been the subject of much speculation and media scrutiny regarding her romantic relationships over the years. Before her marriage to Jared Kushner, there were a few notable individuals who caught her attention, including the surprising names of Lance Armstrong and Topher Grace.



Topher Grace, known for his reserved approach to his personal life, unexpectedly entered the picture with Ivanka. The actor, who is now married to actress Ashley Hinshaw, seldom discusses his relationships publicly. However, he did open up about his time with Ivanka and shed some light on their connection.

Although Topher Grace prefers to keep his personal life low-key, he did reveal that he had dated Ivanka. The specifics of their relationship remain undisclosed, but there were instances when they were spotted together. Reports emerged during Ivanka’s 25th birthday celebration in Las Vegas, where they were allegedly seen getting close at the club, Pure. Witnesses described them dancing, cuddling on a VIP bed, and even sharing a quick kiss during the festivities.

However, Grace clarified that their association was not politically motivated and emphasized that their outings were casual in nature. In an interview with the Daily Beast in 2018, he stated:

“Certainly, it wasn’t a political statement. This was a decade ago. I met her here in New York, and we went on a couple of dates. I wouldn’t say that we ‘dated,’ but… I didn’t do it for political reasons.”

It becomes evident that their relationship was never serious, and in 2016, Grace married Ashley Hinshaw, his long-time partner. The couple has intentionally maintained a private personal life. Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump’s romantic endeavors continued to captivate headlines until she ultimately found stability in her marriage to Jared Kushner in 2009.

While Ivanka’s love life prior to Jared Kushner had its share of intriguing connections and fleeting flings, she has since settled down and prioritized her family. Her story serves as a reminder that behind the public personas of influential individuals lie personal journeys marked by diverse experiences and relationships.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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