Ivelisse Velez Disputes Having An Attitude Problem, Says She Was Screwed By WWE

Ivelisse Vélez (a/k/a Sofia Cortez), who was released from her WWE developmental contract late last week, is disputing reports attributed to F4WOnline.com that her termination stemmed from a perceived “attitude problem.” Dave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio late Saturday that according to sources in Florida Championship Wrestling, Vélez believed her talent level did not correspond with her position in the organization and had been vocal about not being promoted to the main roster. The Puerto Rican grappler took to Twitter to dispute the online claims, which she labeled as “lies.”



“It amazes me & breaks my <3 to have people says lies about me. Im 1 of the most humble person you'll ever meet. I & my people know #DaTrut," Vélez wrote Sunday. "So for the record: #No I DONT have an attitude or ego problem. #No Im NOT going to go on a rant & bad mouth @WWE. But #Yes I got screwed."

She continues, "Regardless though.. I am still endlessly grateful for all opportunities trusted upon me by @WWE during my time there. #CaseClosed."

Vélez also said her message in Spanish: "Clarifico: #No No tengo problemas de actitud o ego. #No No divulgare nada negativo sobre @WWE . Pero #Si Fue una injusticia hacia mi. Sea lo que sea.. Aun estoy mil veces agradecida por todas las oportunidades que @WWE confio en mi. #CasoCerrado."

She also re-tweeted a message stating, "I dont believe you had an attitude. I believe is that you were confident in your abilities and wanted to prove yourself."

Vélez reiterated her stance on being "screwed" by WWE to fellow firee A.W., who too was released by the organization last week. She wrote to him, "I got screwed too bro. #IFeelYaPain."

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