J-Lo Accused Of Meltdown At Airport

A woman has come forward with allegations against Jennifer Lopez, claiming that the Grammy-winning actress is not a good person. Under the username @moirawebb, the woman accused Lopez of exhibiting rude and nasty behavior, particularly recounting an incident at a private airport on Long Island.



In a now-deleted tweet, the woman claimed that Lopez would throw unwanted tantrums at the airport, even over seemingly trivial matters. She alleged that Lopez had a standing catering order, including a bucket of fried chicken from a popular food chain, and her team would become frantic if the order was not fulfilled, even for short flights.

According to the woman, during one instance, she was tasked with obtaining the specific catering order for Lopez, despite the restaurant not being open yet. She recounted rushing to the restaurant, pleading for them to open early, and then racing back to the airport with the order, only to find Lopez’s plane had already departed.

The woman speculated that she was sent on this errand as a punishment, suggesting a hostile dynamic between Lopez and the airport staff.

These allegations have surfaced amid breakup rumors surrounding Lopez and Ben Affleck, adding fuel to the speculation about Lopez’s personal life and behavior.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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