J-Lo Calls Ben Affleck ‘Idiot’ After He Says…

Ben Affleck appears to have a playful way of cheering up his wife, Jennifer Lopez. In light of Jennifer Lopez’s latest documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” which delves into the hidden aspects of her self-love journey spanning almost 20 years, Affleck reportedly teased her about the age depicted in the intimate film.



As Jennifer discussed her plans for upcoming projects in the documentary, the 54-year-old singer mentioned a scene where she opens her eyes in a hospital bed, portrayed as age 28. Affleck humorously interrupted, pointing out the discrepancy, saying, “Technically, you weren’t 28, but…”

Jennifer, responding to the banter, acknowledged the age difference, stating, “Yep. All her friends are. But you were. You were. That’s why you were not as smart as me.” Affleck joined in on the joke, saying, “I love that you want to be played younger, even in the autobiographical.”

Defending her perspective, Jennifer clarified that it’s not entirely autobiographical but rather a meta approach, using elements of her own story. Affleck continued the light-hearted banter, describing it as “semi-autobiographical,” leading to Jennifer calling him an “idiot” in good spirits as they playfully moved on to another topic.

The exchange between the celebrity couple showcased their sense of humor and affectionate dynamic, providing a glimpse into their relationship.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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