J-Lo ‘Can’t Accept’ That Ben Affleck Is…

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly struggling to come to terms with the potential end of her marriage with Ben Affleck, amid persistent rumors of a looming divorce. Sources close to the couple reveal that the actress, 54, is deeply committed to salvaging their relationship with Affleck, 54, despite challenges they face, including living separately and putting their marital home up for sale.



Insiders suggest that communication issues have been a significant hurdle for the Hollywood power couple. While Affleck appears content with their current living arrangement, Lopez is reportedly finding it difficult to accept that their relationship may be over. The couple’s difficulties come at a trying time for Lopez, who recently announced the cancellation of her upcoming concerts, a decision seen as a gesture of sacrifice to demonstrate her commitment.

Despite their current challenges, Lopez remains optimistic about their future together, believing they are meant to be. However, sources indicate that Affleck’s struggles with alcohol addiction add further complexity to their situation. Concerns about a potential relapse have surfaced among those close to him, with reports alleging he has been seen looking “glassy eyed” and dealing with internal turmoil.

Affleck has been open about his battle with addiction in the past, acknowledging its impact on his life and relationships. He has spoken candidly about the cycle of compulsive behavior and its detrimental effects, emphasizing the difficulty of breaking free from such patterns.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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