J-Lo Caught Flipping Off Camera With Affleck

‘The Curious case of Benjamin Button’ can now be remade as ‘The Curious case of Jennifer Lopez.’ While Benjamin Button showed a different story, Jennifer’s story will showcase how a health fanatic Lopez has started making rounds to McDonald’s in a dress that doesn’t seem like her. It could also showcase how Jennifer is trying to flip the camera and do different gestures too in an attempt to gain some attention.



The paparazzi aren’t the ones she wants attention from, but it looks like someone else may be on the list. Judi James, a body language expert, in her conversation with the Mirror stated that Jennifer is trying to get the attention from her husband Ben Affleck. James thinks that this entire approach from Lopez is an attempt to impress Ben Affleck including the middle finger incident.

It’s usually Ben looking surly at the paparazzi but it seems Jennifer has caught or copied his mood here, perhaps in a bid to impress him by showing him he’s not the only one in the marriage who can look like a rebellious teenager.

Judi James talked about the middle finger incident and said the following:

If her body language had suggested actual anger the finger signal might have looked like a spur-of-the-minute, loss-of-temper mistake. But her facial expression here, with the slightly twisted smile, looks calm enough, hinting that the rude signal was deliberate and maybe part of her normal repertoire.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, Ben and Jennifer came close during 2002 and 2004. The relationship got to a level where they got engaged, but called it off a couple of years later. The two tied the knot in 2022 after rekindling their romance an year prior. According to the grapevine, they are in an intense feud since early October 2023 and are trying to cope up with it in their own way.

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