J-Lo Drops Ben Affleck Smoking Bombshell

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who tied the knot in 2022, are reportedly selling the artwork from their $60 million California mansion amid escalating marriage troubles. This decision follows reports that the couple has already put the mansion itself on the market. Affleck has been seen moving his belongings out of the home and is currently living in a rental property close to his ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s residence.



According to Radar Online, collectors have purchased various pieces of art and other items that were newly listed for sale from the couple’s mansion. The sale of these items is seen as part of the larger move to distance themselves from the shared home during this challenging period in their marriage.

Affleck is reportedly receiving considerable support from his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, during these trying times. Sources indicate that Garner, who has shared children with Affleck, frequently visits his apartment. She has access to his place, knows the security code, cooks in his kitchen, and keeps some of her belongings there to stay over when necessary. Garner’s actions are driven by her concern for Affleck, particularly fearing that he might relapse into substance abuse amid his current difficulties.

Insiders have also suggested that Affleck never favored the house, describing it as being too far from his children. This distance may have contributed to the strain in his relationship with Lopez. Despite her efforts to reconcile and bring Affleck back home, Lopez has reportedly come to terms with the situation.

A source revealed that Lopez has resigned herself to the fact that their marriage isn’t working out. “She’s very clear she’s given up hoping for a miracle. She’s said it didn’t work out but not going to miss his bad habits like his chain smoking and his junk food binges.”

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