J-Lo ‘Jealous’ Of Ben Affleck With Famous Actress

Popular actor Jennifer Lopez seemingly has her guard up when it comes to Jennifer Garner via OK Magazine.



It has been noted that after Garner was seen sharing an intimate hug with the Latin superstar’s husband, Ben Affleck, insiders close to Lopez say she’s been a bit envious over the Argo actor’s connection with his ex-wife.

“The jealousy J.Lo feels over their deep connection is intense,” the source said. “She believes Ben lied to her about his friendship with Jen — their bond is stronger today than when they were married — and she let Jen know she doesn’t appreciate how much of her husband’s time Jen has been taking up. They’re currently in a big fight over Ben.”

Amid the animosity between the Hollywood actresses, insiders claimed the Selena star made her feelings known to Garner right away. “Rumor has it that J. Lo and Jen exchanged texts about Jen’s closeness to Ben, and things got heated,” the source spilled.

“Jen even canceled some of their planned get-togethers as a blended family because of the tension between them,” the insider said of their once close dynamic.

However, it’s not only the Texas native getting Lopez’s fury. “J.Lo rages when she gets jealous or feels threatened, and Ben has been on the receiving end of her wrath,” the source explained.”

J.Lo has demanded that Ben spend less time with Jen and focus more on her instead,” the insider stated, adding that the “On The Floor” singer allegedly “screamed” at Affleck, saying, “‘She’s your ex-wife for a reason!'”

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