J-Lo Melts Down After Affleck Goes To Ex

It has been noted that just a few hours after Jennifer Garner and ex-husband Ben Affleck met up for son Samuel’s basketball game in Santa Monica on May 19 that the Family Switch star saw her ex once again. However, their three children — Violet, Fin, and Samuel were nowhere to be seen as Jen showed up at the $100,000-a-month Brentwood mansion where Ben has reportedly been staying amid relationship troubles with spouse Jennifer Lopez.



“Everyone knows that Ben and Jen remained very close after their divorce. He confides in Jen about everything, even his issues with J. Lo,” reported In Touch.

“J. Lo hates that Ben goes back to his sensible, down-to-earth ex-wife for advice and emotional support. She doesn’t want Jen’s input.”

It has come to light that  Jennifer Lopez hasn’t been quiet about her opposition, either.

“J. Lo didn’t come right out and tell Jen to back off — both women have been down this road before and know their boundaries — but she did tell Ben that his ex needs to stay away from him and butt out of their personal drama,” shares the outlet.

“Ben then relayed the message to Jen.”

Ben Affleck and J-Lo ignited romance in early 2000s but broke up in 2004, in part because of the intense media scrutiny of their romance. It was two decades later that they reconnected and tied the knot in July 2022.

Despite Jen and Ben ending their marriage nearly a decade ago, in 2015, she still hates to see him suffering.

“Jen would never tell Ben, ‘I told you it wouldn’t work out,’ but she does blame J. Lo for the pressure she’s put Ben under,” notes the outlet. “She sees how Ben struggles with keeping up with J. Lo’s very public lifestyle.”

Jen initially tried to keep out of her ex-husband’s relationship issues, claims the source, she doesn’t want to see Ben fall back into destructive behaviors, like substance abuse and gambling, as he has in the past.

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