J-Lo Packs Her Bags In Photos After She…

Jennifer Lopez recently posted a video to her JLo Beauty fans on Instagram on Friday morning via Daily Mail.



It has been noted that the 54-year-old Atlas actress was wearing a white robe as she flashed her toned legs while perched on a makeup chair inside her $60M Los Angeles mansion. The mother to Max and Emme revealed that she was packing up her stuff to go to New York City.

The siren appeared to be in a chipper mood as she talked about what she was wearing and what she was bringing with her. Lopez also had an emerald green dress hanging in the background with green heels and a green oversized Coach purse as she said she likes a ‘monochromatic’ look.

This post comes J-Lo has been facing numerous rumors that her marriage to Ben Affleck is on the rocks and will be ending soon after two years. The star who still has her wedding ring from Affleck began her video by saying she is getting ready to fly to the East Coast soon.

The entrepreneur is seated on a chair in her glam room as she wears a white robe that shows off her toned legs and light pink pedicure. Her hair is up but she has pretty matte makeup on already.

Shen then showed fans what she is putting in her green Coach purse: Sunglasses, a sleeping mask, headband, gold hoop earrings and JLo Beauty Bling Cup.

She stated that she never goes anywhere without her bling cup adding she carries a bag big enough ‘to hold it.’

‘I like to touch up on a flight so I like to travel with all my skincare essentials,’ said Lopez.

She then said: ‘And there it is, now I just have to put the outfit on and I’m good to go!’

Lopez slipped on her sunglasses as she said: ‘See you in New York!’ which finished the clip.

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