J-Lo Shows Skin In Towel Photo For Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez recently gave a sweet nod to her husband Ben Affleck. It has been noted that she wore a necklace that spelt out his name in a photo posted on Instagram Friday.



 “This Is…August (so far) ☀️💚🏝️,” Lopez captioned a post updating fans on some of what she’s been up to during the month so far.

As well as plenty of vacation photos, one close-up shot showed the Delola founder in a bathroom with her hand on her chest as she sported a chain necklace that spelt out, ‘BEN’, in gold letters with an embellished heart dangling at the center.

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The Mother star has sported her ‘BEN’ necklace on several occasions but was first pictured rocking the sartorial nod to her partner in 2021, shortly after celebrating her 52nd birthday with Affleck as they rekindled their romance that year.

Lopez also shared a behind-the-scenes look at her activities in August to date, including an array of looks she’s sported over the month. The singer and actress showcased her bikini body in a few snaps as she posed in red and white two-pieces by the pool and on a sun lounger in photos shared in the carousel.

Lopez stood out in one photo wearing a bright yellow dress with billowing sleeves and a matching Valentino purse. In other pics, she wore a black and white striped top and shorts with a fedora that had her name printed on it, as well as a colorful printed dress that she sported while posing next to a balcony at night.

A delicious-looking chocolate birthday cake lit with candles also appeared in the post, along with a photo of Lopez posing with her longtime manager Benny Medina. The singer’s August update comes days after she celebrated her husband Affleck’s 51st birthday.

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