J-Lo Sisters & Ben Affleck Bombshell Leaks

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly turning to her family for support as her relationship with husband Ben Affleck continues to face significant challenges, with rumors of an imminent divorce circulating. According to a source cited by Entertainment Tonight, Lopez is actively looking for her own home and leaning on her mother, sisters, and children during this transitional period.



Sources allege that the couple’s separation is looming, and although neither Lopez nor Affleck has publicly addressed the rumors, it is reported that Affleck moved out of their shared residence into a $100,000 per month rental home in Brentwood. This move follows months of friction attributed to communication issues, personality clashes, and oversharing on social media.

The couple has put their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion up for sale, and Lopez recently announced the cancellation of her “This is Me…Live” summer tour, stating she would take time off to be with her children, family, and close friends.

Lopez has often referred to her sisters, Lynda and Leslie Lopez, as her “best friends.” They have been her companions at various red carpet events, including the 2023 Met Gala where Lynda accompanied her instead of Affleck. Reports indicate that Lopez’s family, including her mother Guadalupe Rodriguez, has “turned against” Affleck amid the ongoing relationship drama. Her manager, Benny Medina, is also said to “openly dislike” Affleck.

A source claimed that despite Affleck seemingly checking out of the marriage, Lopez remains hopeful that therapy might help them reconcile. The situation is further complicated by the emotions of their combined five children. The source emphasized that losing the support of Lopez’s family essentially means losing her as well, noting the family’s strong opposition to Affleck.

Affleck is reportedly finding solace with close friends, including Matt Damon. Meanwhile, Lopez has rekindled her friendship with Leah Remini, who had previously warned her about Affleck’s commitment to their relationship.

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