J-Lo’s Famous Ex Has Problem With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez has had a colorful romantic history, having been married four times. Her longest marriage was to Marc Anthony, whom she wed in 2004 after being friends for several years. The couple welcomed twins in 2008 but decided to part ways in 2014.



Despite their divorce, reports suggest that Jennifer and Marc have maintained a friendly relationship, and their split was amicable. However, things may have become more complicated with the rekindling of Jennifer’s relationship with Ben Affleck. Jennifer and Ben were on the verge of getting married in the early 2000s but called off their wedding. They reunited in 2021.

While Jennifer and Ben are newlyweds, having tied the knot in 2022, there have been reports of marital issues already. To make matters potentially more challenging, Jennifer’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony, has expressed doubts about the longevity of her relationship with Ben.

Initially, when Jennifer and Ben reconciled in 2021, it was speculated that Marc Anthony might have conflicting feelings about it. However, reports indicated that Marc was supportive of Jennifer moving on and didn’t mind her relocating with their children to be closer to Ben. Sources revealed that Marc simply wants Jennifer to be happy and that they maintain a close relationship. They have a healthy co-parenting arrangement and support each other’s desires and needs.

However, more recently, it has been reported that Marc is skeptical about Jennifer’s marriage to Ben lasting. There have been rumors of marital strife surrounding the couple, and this has apparently raised doubts in Marc’s mind as well. He has heard negative stories about Ben’s moodiness and lack of control, leading him to question whether reuniting with Ben years later was a wise decision.

It is worth noting that these claims contradict earlier reports that portrayed Marc as supportive of Jennifer and Ben’s romance. Perhaps, after observing their relationship over the years, Marc has developed concerns about their compatibility and long-term prospects.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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