Jack Black Humiliating Video For Biden Leaks

Jack Black publicly endorsed President Joe Biden at a recent event and lashed out at Donald Trump. It seems that his dramatic speech has spread like a fire on social media.



The high-profile fundraising event was held at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, where George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and more reportedly raised over $30M. It has been noted that Jack Black was one of the Hollywood stars to speak out at the event. However, his endorsement of Joe Biden has sparked controversy.

The “School Of Rock” actor recently got on stage at the event over the weekend to support President Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

“George Clooney and Julia Roberts wanted me to help out the President and speak here tonight, and I said, ‘I am in, when and where?'” Black told the audience and viewers at home before leading into a dramatic monologue about the “big” events he had to pass up to be there, including the opening of Jack-In-The-Box’s new location in Oxnard, California and the second Annual Imperial Avocado Festival, which “you won’t see on Meryl Streep’s resume.”

“I know I turned them down, but my President needs me,” the actor, who was wearing a pair of American flag overalls and a President Biden t-shirt, added. While only part of his speech has gone viral on social media, many are voicing their opinions and criticizing the actor for what he said while on stage.

“Actor Jack Black just dramatically announced his endorsement of President Biden and he brutally lashed out on President Donald Trump,” an X user wrote alongside the video. “Black is accompanied by George Clooney, Julia Roberts, President Obama, Joe Biden, and other Hollywood stars.”


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