Jack Smith Begs Judge Cannon To Impose…

Special counsel Jack Smith’s office recently requested that a federal judge impose a gag order on former President Donald Trump in his classified records case and stated that new evidence of an alleged threat targeting an FBI agent is a good enough reason to support their arguments via The Epoch Times.



It has been noted that in a court filing submitted on June 21, Mr. Smith urged U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon to rule favorably on his earlier gag order request, stating that a new piece of evidence should support his argument. He claimed that an alleged threat by a Trump supporter toward an FBI agent shows that former President Trump’s remarks about law enforcement officials pose an imminent threat.

“Statements that present a significant, imminent, and foreseeable danger to the law enforcement agents working on this case pose a significant and imminent threat to the integrity of these criminal proceedings,” said the court motion, which was filed on the same day that Judge Cannon held a hearing on the legitimacy of Mr. Smith’s appointment as special counsel in the classified records case.

The motion refers to an incident that occurred on June 11 in which a Texas man is accused of threatening an FBI agent who had worked on the Hunter Biden investigation. The man was identified by the special counsel’s office as a Trump supporter.

“Just last week, a supporter of Trump called an FBI agent associated with the Hunter Biden case and claimed that, if Trump wins reelection, FBI agents will be thrown in jail; and if he does not win, the agents will be ‘[hunted] down” and ’[slaughtered]‘ in their own homes, after which ’[we’re going] to slaughter your whole [expletive] family,’” the court papers said.

“No court would tolerate another defendant deliberately creating such immediate risks to the safety of law enforcement, and this Court should not wait for a tragic event before taking action in this case,” Mr. Smith’s team added.

A previous request for a gag order by the special counsel’s office was tossed by Judge Cannon several weeks ago, with the judge saying that he did not follow procedure or rules that she laid out about filing such motions. Another gag order request was submitted by Mr. Smith’s team just days later, and the judge has not yet ruled on it.

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