Jack Smith Trying To ‘Provoke’ Federal Judge

Retired Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz has voiced concerns regarding the conduct of Trump special prosecutor Jack Smith, suggesting that Smith’s recent court filings may be aimed at expediting the trial and provoking the judge.



Dershowitz, known for his prominent career as a criminal defense lawyer, expressed in a recent interview that Smith appears “terrified” about the prospect of a fair trial for former President Donald Trump, particularly in locations such as Washington D.C., Georgia, and New York, where Trump faces separate criminal charges. Dershowitz believes that a judge in a fair county in Florida might afford Trump a fair trial, prompting Smith’s attempts to provoke the judge, potentially leading to a motion for recusal.

The recent critical filings by Smith’s team, particularly regarding the application of the Presidential Records Act, are seen by Dershowitz as maneuvers to unsettle the judge in Florida into issuing hasty orders that prosecutors can challenge on appeal. Dershowitz has been critical of the indictments against Trump and accuses the prosecution of attempting to rush the trial, contrary to claims of the Trump team trying to delay proceedings.

Smith’s team’s assertion that witnesses did not hear Trump designate records as personal under the Presidential Records Act is viewed skeptically by Dershowitz, who highlights Trump’s social media claims of his authority to declassify documents for personal use. However, Judge Cannon rejected Trump’s arguments regarding the act, emphasizing that her order soliciting draft instructions should not be misconstrued as a final declaration, but rather an attempt to clarify positions in the complex case.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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